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thoughts from elephant perspective

i guess this picture is pretty easy to figure out. its just a question. its just a really deep question. whats bigger, you or the elephant? obviously, the elephant, so its really a question of moral. is your ego elephant sized? its not about whether or not the elephant has a good life. trust the elephant lives a great life. if youre ego is elephant sized, i trust you live a pretty good life yourself, right? or is it not all its cracked up to be and you just have to put everyone else in a cage in spite?

the trouble with people right now is that everything is looked at in the technical aspect. not for what it is and what it stands for.

they say an elephant never forgets. that is to say if an elephant looked at you every day, he would notice you and learn about you. more so than another human being. though we dont know exactly how an elephant thinks, isnt it beautiful that he thinks?

quick little sketch of the real ttusk.

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Hello world!

just wanna say, this website is more complicated than i had first expected. not cool. its all good. whatever.